We get unemployed female graduates their first full-time marketing job.


An 8-week accelerated masters program that gives you the skills, experience, and community you need to get your first full-time marketing role.

Athena Accelerator


of college graduates are underemployed

You paid thousands of dollars to get a degree that you likely won’t even use at your first job.



of entry-level jobs ask for things college doesn't give you

They want you to have several previous internships, hard skills, and a proven track record of success. Seems kind of impossible to ask of a college grad, but with incredibly high competition for entry level jobs employers can afford to be picky.



guarantee your college degree gets you a job

You need experience and skills to stand out from the thousands actively applying to entry-level marketing positions. You need Athena Accelerator.

Athena Makes Your Dream Job Your Real Job

Our Hands-On Curriculum

Everything you need to get hired. In just 8 weeks.

Real-Life Marketing Skills

Gain the actual marketing skills employers are looking for through real projects, not just lecture.

Software Experience

Master the most popular softwares, systems, and tools used by today's top marketing teams.


Get connected to successful women working at the brands you know and love.

Career Development

Revamp your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, portfolio and professional brand

Digital Portfolio

Graduate with a personal website that professionally showcases your experience

Community for Life

Make meaningful friendships with like-minded women and join the Athena alumna network

We understand how it feels to constantly hear no.

We’ll get you your first yes.

Investing in Students First

We only get paid if you get paid.

Most programs take money regardless of whether or not their students succeed. Athena Accelerator takes a different approach. Get a full-time marketing job or get your tuition back.

Built from the Minds of Women at...

Gain Modern Marketing Skills

An immersive, marketing career course built from the minds of today’s top recruiters and marketers.

Join the Strongest Community of Female Marketers

Nobody should have to experience the stress and anxiety of getting your first job alone.

Bridging Gaps

Skill Gap

We believe the higher education system leaves graduates ill-equipped for the workforce. Marketing is constantly evolving and large institutions and textbooks can’t keep up. We teach our students what’s relevant in today’s world and today’s job market.

Gender Pay Gap

Today, women with a bachelor’s degree earn 74 cents for every dollar earned by men. At Athena, we’re making women our priority until the gap is fully closed.

Youth Gap

Athena Founder, Natalie Peters, often experienced her youth as one of her biggest hurdles when starting her career. Athena strives to take chances on the young and inexperienced when no one else will.

Athena Accelerator

Your Next Steps

Step 1: Complete your application

Step 2: Schedule your consultation call

Step 3: Sign your enrollment agreement to secure your spot

Full-time marketing job guaranteed.


Classes are Monday-Thursday from 9am to 12pm PT.

Classes will consist of:

  • Group projects
  • Guest speakers
  • Software training
  • Lecture

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Yes! Athena is 100% remote.

Yes! All Athena graduates receive a certificate of completion and enter the Athena Alumni network.