Get a Job or Get Your Tuition Back

Instead of asking our students to bet on us, we bet on them first. Get a full-time marketing job or get your tuition back.

Athena Accelerator

Your Tuition Your Way

We only get paid if you get paid.

Most programs take money regardless of whether or not their students succeed. Athena Accelerator takes a different approach. Get a full-time marketing job or get your tuition back.

Athena students choose one of the following tuition options:

Deferred Tuition

$0 + 10% of salary for 2 years

Partial Upfront Tuition

$3,400 + 10% of salary for 1 year

Upfront Tuition


Full-Time Marketing Job Guaranteed

We're unlocking potential regardless of circumstance and aligning incentives from the start.

So Much More Than Just An Accelerator

Your tuition covers 2 years of support and a community for life

athena accelerator timeline


The Athena Accelerator has built-in protection for financial hardship. Should you lose your job, your payments will be automatically paused until we help you get a new one.

athena accelerator tuition

If you decide Athena Accelerator isn’t right for you, you can withdraw within the first week with no tuition obligations. The percentage of tuition you owe will increase incrementally as you progress through the Athena Accelerator until completion of week 4, at which point you are responsible for your full tuition of 10% of your salary for 2 years.

If you join with a friend, you are each eligible for discounted tuition. Deferred tuition: 10% of salary for 23 months instead of 24 months